Fiji Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan

Following the main text is a list of References and a Glossary while the Attachments include a full portion of the text from the Convention on Biodiversity which details the requirements for National Strategies and Action Plans; a list of the 32 reports which were produced during the course of the preparation of the FBSAP; summary report of the six Regional Biodiversity Workshops and the Preliminary Register of the Sites of National Significance. Also attached is a list of publication and/or studies completed or on-going related to FBSAP work. The intention of including the list of publication is to show the various studies done and are either completed or on-going which should indicate the work done in the various field of work, those responsible and the particular area(s) in Fiji where the studies were done. Those wishing to access detail of those studies will need to contact the author(s). It is hoped that the list of publications would encourage others to continue with implementing the FBSAP in field of studies not yet considered and sties in Fiji not well known.

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