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December 27, 1985

Land Development Act 1961: An act to provide for the establishment of a land development authoity to promote and carry out projects for land development, improvement and settlement, for making funds available therefor, and purposes connected therewith; (No 19 of 1961)

The act covers the establishment of a Land Development Authority to promote and assist the investigation, formation and carrying out of projects for the development, improvement […]
December 23, 1985

Land Conservation and Improvement Act 1953: An act to make provision for the conservation and improvement of the land and water resources of Fiji; (No 16 of 1953)

The act covers the establishment of a Land Conservation Board to (a) to exercise general supervision over land and water resources; (b) to stimulate, by propaganda […]
April 7, 1978

Native Lands Act 1905: An act relating to native lands; [No. 11 of 1905] [also known as] iTaukei Lands Act 1905 (No 11 of 1905); Ed. 1978

The act covers 3. Tenure of native lands by Fijians, 4. Native Lands Commission, 5. Roko of each province a member, 6. Commissioners to inquire into […]
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