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December 11, 2020

Environment Management (Amendment) Act 2020: An act to amend the Environment Management Act 2005; Act No. 42 of 2020

As a way forward from the single-use plastic bag ban, the Fijian government has also ventured into banning the use of all polystyrene products (commonly known […]
March 17, 2005

Environment Management Act 2005: Act No 1. of 2005; An act for the protection of the natural resources and for the control and management of developments, waste management and pollution control and for the establishment of a national environment council and for related matters; Act No. 1 of 2005

The purposes of this Act are- (a) to apply the principles of sustainable use and development of natural resources; and (b) to identify matters of national […]
December 23, 2003

Endangered and Protected Species Regulations 2003

Regulations supporting the Endangered and Protected Species Act 2002, and Fiji Islands CITES Management. Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) […]
December 23, 2002

Endangered and Protected Species Act 2002: An act to regulate and control the international trade, domestic trade, possession and transportation of species protected under the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and for related matters; No 29 of 2002

This Act applies to any endangered or protected species listed in Appendices and Schedules to this act. It also establishes the Fiji Islands CITES Management. Functions […]
January 6, 1992

Convention on Biological Diversity [Biodiversity Convention]

The Contention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a multilateral treaty to guide national strategies for biodiversity. It supports sustainable development through three objectives: The conservation of […]
December 27, 1985

Land Development Act 1961: An act to provide for the establishment of a land development authoity to promote and carry out projects for land development, improvement and settlement, for making funds available therefor, and purposes connected therewith; (No 19 of 1961)

The act covers the establishment of a Land Development Authority to promote and assist the investigation, formation and carrying out of projects for the development, improvement […]
December 23, 1985

Land Conservation and Improvement Act 1953: An act to make provision for the conservation and improvement of the land and water resources of Fiji; (No 16 of 1953)

The act covers the establishment of a Land Conservation Board to (a) to exercise general supervision over land and water resources; (b) to stimulate, by propaganda […]
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