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February 14, 2022

Protection and Sustainability of Coral reefs

A message from His Excellency Luke Daunivalu on coral reefs the largest living structures in the world which was bleached by the CAT5 TC Winston , […]
September 23, 2021

Climate Change Act 2021: An Act to establish a comprehensive response to climate change, to provide for the regulation and governance of the national response to climate change, to introduce a system for the measurement, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions and for related matters; Act No. 43 of 2021

The objectives of this Act are to provide a framework by which Fiji can develop and implement clear and long term climate change measures and policies […]
December 11, 2020

Environment Management (Amendment) Act 2020: An act to amend the Environment Management Act 2005; Act No. 42 of 2020

As a way forward from the single-use plastic bag ban, the Fijian government has also ventured into banning the use of all polystyrene products (commonly known […]
June 24, 2019

Climate Relocation of Communities Trust Fund Act 2019: An act to establish a trust fund for the planned relocation of communities in Fiji that are adversely affected by climate change; Act No. 21 of 2019

The purposes of the Fund are to (a) receive monies from donors and other sources for planned relocation; and (b) disburse monies for planned relocation and […]
June 24, 2019

Environment Management (Budget Amendment) Act 2019: An act to amend the Environment Management Act 2005; Act No. 19 of 2019

Given the rise in plastic litter all around the globe and specifically in the Pacific it is important that bold actions are taken to minimise this […]
November 15, 2017

Timoci Naulusala address to the high level opening of COP23

Timoci, a climate warrior, said world leaders must act now to save the future generation. He addressed the COP23 Forum on the 15 November 2017 representing […]
October 30, 2017

Climate Vulnerability Assessment: Making Fiji climate resilient

This report shows how countries, and SIDS in particular, can develop an adaptation and resilience plan drawing on extensive data and analysis of the risks and […]
February 14, 2017

Climate Action Trust Fund Act 2017: (No 6 of 2017)

The purposes of the Fund are a) to receive monies from donors, foundations and other States parties to the Convention and any other source to finance […]
July 25, 2016

Fiji: Post-disaster needs assessment; Tropical cyclone Winston, February 20, 2016 [PDNA]

On Saturday February 20, 2016, Tropical Cyclone (TC) Winston, an extremely destructive Category 5 cyclone, struck Fiji. Following TC Winston’s passage from Fiji, reports emerged of […]
November 23, 2015

Environment and Climate Adaptation Levy Act 2015 (No 20 of 2015) [also known as] Environmental Levy Act 2015: An act to impose and environmental levy on prescribed service turnover and for related matters; Act No. 20 of 2015 [ECAL]

Subject to the provisions of this Act, a levy at the rate of 6% shall be levied on the turnover of any person conducting a business […]
September 16, 2014

Green Growth Framework for Fiji: Restoring the balance in development that is sustainable for our future

This Framework is support and complement the Peoples Charter for Change, Peace and Progress and the 2010-2014 roadmap for Democracy and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development and its […]
August 26, 2011

Implementation Framework 2010 – 2014 for the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2017

Author: Department of Environment Citation: Department of Environment. (2010). Implementation Framework 2010 – 2014 for the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2017. Suva, Fiji: Government […]
March 17, 2005

Environment Management Act 2005: Act No 1. of 2005; An act for the protection of the natural resources and for the control and management of developments, waste management and pollution control and for the establishment of a national environment council and for related matters; Act No. 1 of 2005

The purposes of this Act are- (a) to apply the principles of sustainable use and development of natural resources; and (b) to identify matters of national […]
December 23, 2003

Endangered and Protected Species Regulations 2003

Regulations supporting the Endangered and Protected Species Act 2002, and Fiji Islands CITES Management. Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) […]
December 23, 2002

Endangered and Protected Species Act 2002: An act to regulate and control the international trade, domestic trade, possession and transportation of species protected under the Convention on International Trade on Endangered Species Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and for related matters; No 29 of 2002

This Act applies to any endangered or protected species listed in Appendices and Schedules to this act. It also establishes the Fiji Islands CITES Management. Functions […]
June 15, 1998

Natural Disaster Management Act 1998: An act to make better provision for performance by Government and relevant agencies of their functions and duties in relation to natural disaster management and activities and related matters; Act No. 21 of 1998

The act covers the establishment of a national disaster management council, administration, emergency operations, special powers during emergency situations, relief and rehabilitation, mitigation, public awareness and […]
December 27, 1985

Land Development Act 1961: An act to provide for the establishment of a land development authoity to promote and carry out projects for land development, improvement and settlement, for making funds available therefor, and purposes connected therewith; (No 19 of 1961)

The act covers the establishment of a Land Development Authority to promote and assist the investigation, formation and carrying out of projects for the development, improvement […]
December 23, 1985

Land Conservation and Improvement Act 1953: An act to make provision for the conservation and improvement of the land and water resources of Fiji; (No 16 of 1953)

The act covers the establishment of a Land Conservation Board to (a) to exercise general supervision over land and water resources; (b) to stimulate, by propaganda […]
April 7, 1978

Native Lands Act 1905: An act relating to native lands; [No. 11 of 1905] [also known as] iTaukei Lands Act 1905 (No 11 of 1905); Ed. 1978

The act covers 3. Tenure of native lands by Fijians, 4. Native Lands Commission, 5. Roko of each province a member, 6. Commissioners to inquire into […]
July 1, 1977

Public Health Act 1935: An Act relating to public health; (No 29 of 1935)

This act covers the constitution of board of health and local authorities, buildings, premises for the production, manufacture, preparation, storage, distribution, sale or consumption of food, […]
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